Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Swiss Ammo has arrived!

I just received my new Swiss Ammo Handcrafted French watch strap from my friends at Septimus Straps. Septimus Straps are located here:  http://septimusstraps.blogspot.com/

I was simply blown away with the quality of the leather and the fit and finish of the strap. The fit is just perfect. It fits the new Titanium Alexis Case to perfection. The feel of the leather is of the highest level. The buckle is also very nice and well made. The Septimus Straps premium leather creations are all hand made. They are only made one at a time... in France. The home of some of the worlds finest craftsman.. They are very exclusive and very, very rare. Only a few will ever be made. So we are very, very proud to be able to offer Septimus French Hand Made Leather Watch Straps at McCarthy Time Instruments.

As always, we only want to offer the very best to our friends.

I will be happy to post up some pictures this weekend of this very special and rare work of art.


1 comment:

  1. wow Denis.
    too many great words.

    we are glad you enjoy the strap.
    your comment is a great reward.

    Thanks Man.