Saturday, September 18, 2010

About the Picture

The picture above is a 6Al-4V Titanium Alexis T1. This was the very first T1. Notice there is no movement or hands! The strap is from my friend Seth of Strap Culture. Here is Seth; Its a prototype too. Seth was working with a new leather, as well as the nice bright blue thread. This case drove me crazy due to the fact that I broke a 2/56 tap while cutting the threads for the strap retainer screws, also made of aerospace grade titanium. The tapping went well, but I hit the tap holder with my elbow while I was turning around to reach for another tool. Shi@#&!!! Well I thought the case was ruined. Several hours worth of work down the tubes. After a break, I came up with this idea... dissolve the tap! .....You see, a cutting tool, in this case a tap, is made of high carbon steel. Which means it is very susceptible to corrosion.... Acid. Yes a acid should work! After a couple of days of soaking in Sulfuric Acid.. (no the wife was not happy..) the broken bit of tap was gone. Feewooo! The super rare T1 titanium case was saved!

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