Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strap Perfection

Fran, of Septimus Straps (Septimus Straps is here: ) has been working very hard to gather some incredible vintage leather for new custom French and Swiss ammo handcrafted watch straps. Here is one of my favorite pictures that he has posted so far: If you look at the photo below, I have pointed out three pouches that are very interesting to me. The one on the right is very interesting. I really like to brown/grey colors and textures that are presented in the leather, which would work perfect with a Inconel 718 or 6Al-4v color anodized titanium case. The vintage stampings are also very well presented here. Fran works very hard to only locate and present the very finest leather he can get his hands on in France. This is clearly a very good batch. I can only hope we can get a few straps from him out of this catch!

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